History of the Journal

SARE was established by members of the Southern African Comparative and History of Education Society (SACHES) in 1995, and was initially edited by colleagues at the University of Western Cape. Its founders had identified the need for a journal that would transcend the boundaries of the countries from which its members came and provide opportunities for scholarship that located itself simultaneously in national, regional, and global contexts.

In 1996, SACHES formed a partnership with Education with Production (EWP), the official journal of the Foundation for Education with Production. EWP, in its 11 years of existence, became an important international outlet for research and comment on innovative work-related educational initiatives around the world. Together, SARE and EWP constitute a distinctive voice in the family of education journals locally and internationally.


During the editorship of Sheldon Weeks of University of Botswana, the ground was laid for SARE’s further advancement. It was later recognised as an authoritative journal in its field by the South African Department of Education (now Department of Higher Education and Training) and thus strengthened its all-Africa authorship and readership.