Southern African Comparative and History of Education Society

The aims of the Society are to promote comparative, international and history of education and enhance the academic status of these fields; bring an understanding of comparative education to bear on the major educational problems confronting the region and to develop through the study of comparative and history of education an understanding of the major educational problems of the day by fostering co-operative research, discussion and teaching by persons from different parts of the world.

To achieve these aims, the Society encourages the teaching of, and research in:

comparative and history of education,

promotes interdisciplinary collaboration in the development of comparative approaches to the study of educational problems,

organises research projects for which there are particular needs,

improves the exchange of information about research and methodological developments in education,

liaises with scholars, societies and institutions from different countries and specifically those within the region to foster the growth of 

comparative and historical research in education and

subscribes to the goals and aims of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies.

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The Development of the Character of Comparative Education in Southern Africa

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Resistance against the Apartheid State

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A Scholarly Society

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