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Book notice: African Higher Education—The International Dimension

Editors are Damtew Teferra and Jane Knight
Boston and Accra: Center for International Higher Education, Boston College and the Association of African Universities. 600 pages.

Table of Contents
Damtew Teferra and Jane Knight

Section 1: Setting the Context
1 The Internationalization of Higher Education: Complexities and Realities
Jane Knight
2 The International Dimension of Higher Education in Africa: Status, Challenges, and Prospects
Damtew Teferra
3 National Approaches to Internationalization: Historical Perspectives and Socio-Economic Influences
Sheldon G. Weeks

Section 2: Country Case Studies
4 Botswana
Patrick Molutsi and Kagiso Kobedi
5 Egypt
Mohsen Elmahdy Said and Maha Moustafa Kamel Mourad
6 Ethiopia
Tesfaye Semela and Elizabeth Ayalew
7 Ghana
Paul Effah and Bernardin Senadza
8 Kenya
J. O. Jowi, Crispus Kiamba, and David K. Some
9 Mauritius
Goolam Mohamedbhai
10 Mozambique
Lídia Brito, Roland de Brower and Ana Menezes
11 Nigeria
Munzali Jibril and Abdulkarim Obaje
12 Senegal
Ahmadou Aly Mbaye
13 South Africa
Jonathan Jansen, Carlton McLellan, and Ryan Greene
14 Tanzania
Johnson M. Ishengoma

Section 3: Thematic Issues
15 The Role of Key Regional Actors and Programs
Juma Shabani
16 International Student Mobility in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities Mathias Bwanika Mulumba, Abdulkarim Obaje, Kagiso Kobedi, and Roshen Kishun
17 Issues, Policies, and Developments of Internationalization in Africa: Comparative Analysis
Chika Sehoole
18 Africa in Relation to Other World Regions
Jane Knight
19 Internationalization of Higher Education: Legacy and Journey in the African Landscape

Damtew Teferra
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