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Current Issues in Comparative Education (CICE)

Current Issues in Comparative Education (CICE) is an international online, open access journal inviting diverse opinions of academics, practitioners and students. CICE shares its home with the oldest program in comparative education in the US, the Teachers College Comparative and International Education Program, founded in 1898. Established in March 1997 by a group of doctoral students from Teachers College, Columbia University, CICE is dedicated to serve as a platform for debate and discussion of contemporary educational matters worldwide. We welcome submissions from professors, researchers, students, advocates, policy-makers, and practitioners.

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10-Year Anniversary Issue: Are NGOs Overrated?
Are NGOs Overrated? is a retrospective issue, looking back to the first issue of CICE from 1998, and includes the following articles:

  • In “Bridge Over Black[ened] Water: A New Refrain for NGOs”, Mark Ginsburg reviews how recent events, such as the case of Blackwater Worldwide, have changed the way scholars and activists evaluate the role and effectiveness of NGOs.
  • In “Donor Logic in the Era of Gates, Buffett, and Soros”, Gita Steiner-Khamsi explores the impact of philanthropic funding sources, many of whom are not required to abide by tight regulations imposed by states, on the ways NGOs operate.
  • In “The Growing Market for NGO Influence”, Lynn Ilon addresses the positioning of NGOs as recipients of aid from organisations with ulterior political and economic motives, and questions the ability of NGOs to do reform work within this context.
  • In “NGOs, Civil Society, and Development: Is There a Third Way?”, Stephen Klees discusses the ways in which local and global forces compromise the ability of NGOs to achieve lasting reform. Klees then outlines a new type of reform effort integrating grassroots activism, participatory democracy, social justice, and networking into a truly transformational organisation.
  • In “Contested Alliances”, Iveta Silova visits the many roles that NGOs play in authoritarian and postauthoritarian settings.
  • In “From NGOs to CSOs: Social Citizenship, Civil Society and ‘Education for All’ – An Agenda for Further Research”, Karen Mundy advocates using a social citizenship lens to both evaluate the impact of civil society on the effectiveness of Education for All, as well as the potential of NGOs to create widespread social change.
  • In “Revisiting Transformational NGOs in the Context of Contemporary Society”, Nelly Stromquist argues that transformational NGOs can and have improved the daily lives of everyday people by reshaping the way that individuals participate in civil society.

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Call For Papers: Early Childhood Care and Education
CICE is currently accepting submissions for the upcoming issue of the journal, entitled Early Childhood Care and Education: Worldwide Challenges and Progresses. We publish articles from academics, policy-makers, and other education specialists from governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions.

To access the full call for papers, please visit:

Authors are invited to submit single-spaced, 5-8 page documents (2,500-4,000 words) in APA format as email attachments to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

More information regarding our publication requirements may be found on our website The deadline for submissions is 15 September, 2008.


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